Bone Diggers // Mathis and Lebo (2020)

Spring Fling conjures a smiling, temporary oasis, an invitation to pause and drink in the unfolding moment amidst shifting beauty, conscious design, and high-spirited company as winning tunes played by pros reverberate under broad, starry skies.

Each Fling brings together a unique mixture of friends old and new, the guest list consciously shifting each Fling to allow a wide range of people to share in this experience, which needs to be kept small to preserve the natural setting and the gathering’s intimate character. Everyone that experiences a Spring Fling leaves with sweet memories and that’s something the hosts want a varied, colorful range of folks to experience.

Companionship, great music, good food, and fun are the guiding lights for the lucky few sharing in this personal tradition of generosity and kindness by the Pritzker Family, who open up their home and gorgeous property for an experience that’s a damn fine party but also a catalyst towards kindness, joy, and sharing.

– Dennis Cook